Testimony & Thanksgiving: Combined University Retreat 2020

University students came together to pray and prepare for the coming of Jesus from 15 to 18 December. The retreat was held both over Zoom and in person, with cell groups meeting in appropriate groups of 4 to share and fellowship.

We share some snippets of their experiences with you here!

“I came into CUR feeling jaded and tired from the past semester of commitments in and out of school. I found myself letting God take the backseat in my life at that point of time. Hence, even when the holidays arrived, the bad habits of ignoring my prayer commitments stuck.

I entered the retreat, unfocused and halfhearted. However, through the different sessions, I was reminded to return to the root of why I chose to believe this faith to begin with. I was reminded of the Lord’s love for me that never stops chasing me, even when I get too tired to pursue Him.

Through this retreat, I realised the magnificent weight of Jesus’ birth and I claim that this isn’t just some random holiday celebration, but a wonderful life-changing event that involves the Saviour of the world!” – Samantha Fuentas, NTU, Participant


“This CUR, Jesus has made it clear to my heart that indeed a Savior has been born. I had become comfortable and settled with where I was in my journey. But Jesus spoke into my heart and revealed to me that a part of me still placed my identity in many other things instead of His love for me; in seeking approval, in proving my worth. Jesus has saved me once again from this need to prove my worth. He has given me freedom to continue to live life unchained by these unnecessary fears. I claim the truth that Jesus has saved me this CUR and is continuously saving me each and every moment of my life so that I may live freely, live life to the full.” – Brendan Teo, NUS, Service Team

Stay tuned for more from CUR2020!


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