Testimony & Thanksgiving: I Am Beloved

by Beatrice Decruz (extreme right)

Through the Treasure retreat, God revealed to me that I had unknowingly placed Him in a box; one that I only opened in times when I needed Him, and then shoved Him to a corner when I did not have the time to think about God or when things were going fairly smoothly. I had limited God and His power. Similarly, I had boxed up my own heart from God. For a long time, I struggled with insecurities, believing in the lie that I wasn’t good enough; not good enough to be loved, to serve; not smart, or successful enough.

I knew then that I had to break open these boxes in surrender and trust in God, to allow Him to work through me the way He intends to. As I received prayer from fellow sisters in the retreat, Jesus revealed to me a vision of Him hugging us tightly and fondly looking at us with a smile, saying: “You are enough for me. You just need to come as you are. You don’t need to be or do anything more. You are a beloved child of God. Find joy in me. Entrust your life to me and I’ll give you a heart of gold – flesh but also gold (like treasure).”

I praise God for this revelation and can claim with a deeper conviction that I am a beloved child of God.

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