Testimony & Thanksgiving: Marching with Christ

In June, the CAYA community held “Marching with Christ” – an e-outreach that saw NSFs & pre-enlistees coming together for a blessed time of spiritual input, prayer and testimonies. We are thankful to the brothers from the various OYP communities who came together to serve in the outreach. Above all, we thank God for continuing to love and mould us in this period of NS. Lyon, who is a pre-enlistee, shares with us how the Lord has comforted and reassured him during the CAYA outreach.

by Lyon Olsen, 21

Prior to the CAYA outreach, I had mixed feelings towards NS. On one hand, I felt excited as I was looking forward to the physical aspect of NS. But on the other hand, I also felt fearful. Since young, I was always slower than others in various areas. I was afraid of being labelled as a burden in NS resulting in me being left out or targeted. 

However, through the outreach, I am reminded that if the Lord brings me to it, He will bring me through it. Truly, He is a God who is faithful and he assures me that there is no need to fear because He has overcome the world. The Lord has also realigned my sights for NS. Where previously I felt that physical exercise was my main motivation, the Lord now calls to me focus on Him because He will never fail me. Only in Jesus will I find true joy and satisfaction. 

From this, flows a desire to bring Christ to all that I meet in NS. The verse that struck me was Matthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden”. Jesus reminds me that I cannot keep this joy and satisfaction I have found in Him to myself but to be a light to those around me in NS so that others can come to encounter Him too. So, will you join me in surrendering NS to the Lord and bring Him to everyone you meet there? 

Head on over to https://oyp.org.sg/communities/caya/ to find out more about CAYA and download our latest booklet for NSFs & pre-enlistees titled Serving in Truth! 

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