Testimony & Thanksgiving: Poly & ITE Leaders Commissioning 2020

On 14 Oct 2020, 17 of our Shepherds across 6 Diploma/ITE campuses were commissioned! We praise and thank God for calling them to serve in their respective communities and we are grateful to our Shepherds for their generosity. Read below to hear what our incoming/outgoing leaders are thankful for during their term of service.

“At the start of the leadership term last year, there were a lot of doubts and fears about serving and whether I was able to lead community the way God called me to.

Looking back on the past year, I realised how in serving, the Lord continually gives me the courage to do things I wouldn’t normally do on my own like speaking in front of people! … When the new school year came, I discerned about leadership. I chose to step up because I felt called to serve the NP community again. Although this year is different because of intern and attachments and the current situation, reflecting on the Wedding at Cana I realised how Jesus was calling me to put my trust in Him again like how the servants just followed Jesus’ instructions to fill the jars with water when the wine ran out, not knowing what Jesus would do with it and to give it to the Chief servant…” – Matthea (NP), Incoming & Outgoing Shepherd

“When I was invited to discern being a leader I was very fearful and reluctant as I didn’t know if I was good enough and whether it was really a call from God to be a leader. I went to adoration to pray about this, and the Lord revealed himself to me in many different ways. For example, I wanted to read the Gospel of the day but I somehow flipped to the wrong chapter and it led me to read the Parable of the Good shepherd. He reminded me of the Love that the shepherd has for his sheep: that the shepherd will even lay down His life for them. … As a leader, I learned not to focus too much on myself and my inadequacies but to look after the members of my community with the help of Jesus. That I should not be afraid of rejection and that I can be more patient to show Jesus to others. That all of us, not just the leader, have a role to play to help one another grow closer to Jesus. …” – Martin (ITE), Incoming Shepherd

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