Testimony & Thanksgiving: Treasure#12

Today salvation has come to this house (Luke 19:9)

Close to 200 young working adults spent the weekend of 5 – 8 Nov with the Lord at OYP’s 12th run of the Treasure retreat! The virtual retreat was definitely a needful time of renewal for the many parched and dry lands of our hearts in this difficult season. We praise God for being so present at this retreat, and especially for moving our hearts in humility to recognise His power and sovereignty in every area of our lives!

“I came into Treasure feeling weary with a desire to be renewed, and Jesus not only did that but much much more! He gently revealed to me many truths, answered questions I didn’t even know I had, healed wounds I was not aware existed and assured me of my worth; that I am deserving of love, capable of love and worthy of His love! 

Somehow I remembered what was shared on Day 1: “Do not underestimate the power of virtual retreats”, and it definitely rings true 🙂 I leave the retreat with a renewed soul having received many gifts and affirmations that can only be through the Holy Spirit. 

Although life is not going to get any easier and battles will definitely rage on, I know now that the war has already been won. Thank you Jesus!” – Hillary Teo, 25, Treasure12 participant


“I came into the retreat at quite a busy and hectic time in my life. Feeling fatigued and overwhelmed, I used work as an excuse for how inconsistent and shallow my interior life had become. 

During this weekend, Jesus reminded me of how beloved I am to Him, and how He desires to fundamentally reorder the entirety of my life. Through the sessions and cell group sharing, Jesus inspired me to renew my commitment to abide with Him and to love Him for who He is. He invigorated my spirit and refreshed my soul, and I step back into the week ahead with a new energy that I pray the Lord may purify and sustain.” – Joseph Tan, 26, Treasure12 participant


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