Thanksgiving: CUR 2021

We give thanks to the Lord for Combined Uni Retreat 2021. It was a joy and blessing to be able to gather in preparation for the coming of infant Jesus! This year, the theme of the retreat was, “Hope Has A Name” and indeed it does; Jesus Christ! May the thanksgivings below bless you and rekindle the flame of Hope in your hearts!


God has revealed to me in this time of CUR just how loved I really am, and to place my hope not in the things of this world but in the Lord Himself. In this retreat, I felt God urging me to come back home to Him because He loves me very much and wants the best for me. He urged me gently to give up the path of sin and darkness, to step forth into the light and to really just come back home to Him because not once has He condemned me. Because of His unconditional, everlasting love for me, I dare to proclaim “Jesus is MY Lord and MY God”. There are millions of Christians around the world, yet even if I were the only one on this earth, He would still come down to save me because He is my creator. I want to come home, praise God. – Vera Lim, NUS


Before I entered CUR, I felt like I was running on empty, adrift and detached from my faith after a trying semester. I didn’t know what I needed to do to return to the Lord, and in my tiredness, it was hard to even desire to come home. I thought the Lord’s love for me had run out, and that I could only bring my perfect self to Him, a self that I didn’t have the strength to put forward. This CUR, the Lord spoke to me when I thought that I could no longer hear Him, and spoke louder when the lies of the evil one and my own heart threatened to overwhelm me. Through worship and adoration, two things I hadn’t felt like I could truly experience Jesus in, the Lord called me to a deeper joy beyond my fear and reminded me that even in my brokenness, I am loved. I claim that the Christ child sees me and knows me even when I feel invisible and forgotten. He does not forsake me and desires to lavish me with all the love my heart desires!
Isabel Tan, SMU


I came into CUR with a lot of worries and burdens. With these weighing me down, I had a hard time concentrating and focusing at first. It was through Adoration that I encountered the Lord. He gently wiped my mind blank and freed me from my shackles. I was granted the grace of peace, a peace I’ve been longing for a long time. I really would like to claim the Truth that the Lord knows and see me in my struggles and chooses each day to save me and grant me everlasting peace! – Trina Ng, NTU


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