KICKSTART: Finding True Joy

by Brian Janelle Sanio, NUS CSS

In the past, I never acknowledged the need for a Catholic community. I strongly believed that all I ever needed was my family and a private relationship with God. Past experiences with other retreats filled me with lies that introverted people like myself can never receive anything from such an event. But when a friend of mine invited me to attend Kickstart, I felt as though God was prompting me to give Him a chance to show me how I can grow to be a better Catholic. And so I went.

Through Kickstart, I’ve grown to realize the many flawed beliefs I had of community. Although it was terrifying for me to be in a totally new environment with other freshmen, I was more inspired to see most of the sessions and Praise and Worships being led by other university students. The kingdom friendships present among the facils/CGLs community have also inspired me to believe in the beauty of community. Slowly, through the 2 Day 1 Night retreat, the lies that I can never belong in a community were conquered. I was able to better integrate with the Catholic community at my university and I also learned what it means to trust other brothers and sisters in Christ – that we may bring one another other closer to Jesus! And I am beginning to realise that community is essential in the Catholic faith – your journey with Jesus Christ is personal but it can never survive as mere a private affair.

The Lord is knocking on your door! Will you let Jesus lead you to experience true, authentic friendships in a Catholic community? Will you allow Him to support you in your university journey – through brothers and sisters that will keep you grounded when you feel the most insecure? Friends, if so, I wholeheartedly invite you to sign up for this retreat.


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