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We are the youth arm of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore and we minister to young persons aged 16 to 35. Come and discover more about the Catholic faith as well as our mission!


OYP RCIY Run: June 2022 to May 2023

'Jesus turned around, saw them following... "Come and see" he replied; so they went and saw where he lived, and stayed with him the rest of that day.' - John 1: 37-39

Do you know someone who is curious about who Jesus is through the Catholic faith? Or someone who is searching for Truth? Invite them to come and see, and experience the saving love of Jesus Christ!

Starting 26 June 2022, The Office for Young People (OYP) is beginning a new RCIY run for all those between the ages of 19 and 30 who are desiring to know more about the person of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Sign ups are now open!

Kickstart: University Freshmen Retreat

Kickstart: University Freshmen Retreat

Sat, 18 to Sun, 19 June 2022, Office for Young People

Living Vessels Day of Recollection

Living Vessels Day of Recollection

Sat, 25 June, 10:00am to 6:00pm, Office for Young People

Graduating University Retreat

Graduating University Retreat

Fri, 1 Jul to Sun 3 Jul 2022, Office for Young People


Faith Formation

Living As Empowered Children of God

“This relationship we have with the Father can bear a deep trust and sense of security in Him. As our Father knows us completely, so we too are secure in the knowledge that our Creator is with us and for us. Knowing that we are known by a Father who is unshakeable, we are empowered to stand firm as daughters and sons.” - Joanna Francois

Truly knowing God through a relationship with Him fosters trust and security in Him. Joanna joyfully exhorts us to enter into the love and care that God the Father has for each of us.

Are you willing to go deeper with Him today?

Living As Easter People

Living as a Christian disciple does not mean we are spared from pain and hurt, but … can be the way through which God transforms us more fully.

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