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Dear Young People,

In view of the recent COVID-19 situation in Singapore, EXALT21! is postponed to the 18-19th of September 2021. It is our hope for you, our young people, to be able to experience this first ever 2-day conference in-person* and online with groups of friends and community!

Although the dates have changed, our God remains the same, and our desire to lift high the name of JESUS in these challenging times is stronger than ever. We trust in faith that God will make a way for us to experience the Church that is alive and missionary in real life* this coming September.

Let us unite in prayer and continue to pray for the effective containment of COVID-19 and for all those affected. Stay tuned for more exciting details! Save the new date and spread the word!

*Subject always to the prevailing MCCY guidelines.


RCIY: Come and See

A new run of the OYP RCIY Journey for young people aged 16 to 25 begins 27 June 2021! 

“I have come to realise that there is always a sense of peace, even when storms hit, when I surrender control to God. I still struggle to recognise His voice and presence amidst the loudness and distractions of the world but I know that He remains the same through it all and will always be there for me… Dear friend, God desires to build and deepen a relationship with you. Will you have the courage to take His hand?” – Charlotte Loy, 19

Know someone who is searching for peace amidst life’s storms? Share with them this testimony and encourage them to take the leap of faith to come experience a peace that only Christ can give :) Sign ups are now open! 



KICKSTART: Freshmen Gathering

Are YOU entering uni this year? Kickstart is an opportunity for you to connect with your university community.

Chloe from the EU Anchor community shares how God revealed His persistent love for her through meeting her community! ❤️(Full testimony here)

“Knowing I was leaving home to study overseas brought great anxiety and it contributed to my unwillingness to find a new community. I thought I was alone and no one could understand or relate to me. But through Kickstart, I was proven wrong. With the sharings of other students who had the same worries as me, I was calmed and assured in every way that I needed to be. That weekend with this new community allowed me to say my first ‘yes’ to new experiences… I know that my relationship with God deepens each day with every conversation I have with my brothers and sisters.”

Sign up for a UNI-que opportUNI-ty to get connected with your uni community!

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JC/IB Community: Mustard Seed

EXCITING NEWS! Signups are now OPEN for Mustard Seed community sessions for June and July! 🥳

This new JC/IB community is meeting every three weeks on 5 Jun, 21 Jun and 17 Jul from 930am – 1230pm.

The first session will be held on Zoom – there will be time for fellowship after session to play some fun games online together as well!

Jesus wants to plant this small but important seed in you to grow and bear fruit, fruit that is everlasting and filled with His love. 🥰There is so much He wants to tell you through formation sessions, and support you through fellowship with brothers and sisters going through the same stage of life :)

Invite your friends, and get connected! 


Renewed, Restored, Loved

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8)

The same Holy Spirit that descended upon the apostles, presents us with that same moment of being filled with the love of God, of being chosen, and of deep communion with Him. This same invitation is once again presented to us this Pentecost Sunday and is subsequently available to us each and every single day of our lives. Bryan Francisco

As we celebrate the feast of Pentecost today, we share our final article in the Holy Spirit Series with you. Let us be reminded that the Holy Spirit our Paraclete, is always at hand. Take some time today for prayer and silent contemplation, and invite the Holy Spirit in. Let today be the start of deeper intimacy with Him. Blessed Pentecost dear friends!

Faith Formation

Dealing With An Unfocused Prayer Life

by Natasha Wong If you have struggled with prayer, you are not alone! How many times have you tried to pray…especially at night, before you sleep and oh dear, it is the next morning already! Let us do an activity – when you imagine someone praying, what comes to mind? For myself, I envision a

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5 Places In Singapore You Never Thought To Pray At

By Rachel Kenyon Often we think that prayer means to sit in a chapel for hours on end, repeating set prayers, but being in a fast-paced society like Singapore, we cannot “afford the time” to pray. St Teresa of Avila defines prayer to be “nothing else than an intimate friendship, a frequent heart-to-heart conversation with

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Post-Retreat: 5 Tips on Keeping your Fire Ablaze

by Alexis Lim Zhen Ting There’s something mysterious about being within the fences of 2 Lor Low Koon. In there, my heart’s quietly and stably ablaze – after the initial flash of red and yellow sparks, I find my fire dancing to beat of the Lord’s soft whispers, especially throughout the 10 days I’ve spent

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Evangelisation? Do we Catholics even do that?”

by Brandon Krygsman We often fall into the habit of thinking there’s no need to evangelise. Sometimes, we even think that evangelisation is not the ‘Catholic way’ of spreading the Gospel. “We don’t have to talk about our faith, we can just evangelise subtly through our everyday actions by being a good person!” However, this

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Being a Christian at Home – 6 Tips and Accompanying Short Comics!

by Joanna Oey The following paragraphs and short comics stem from my personal experiences and daily struggles in wanting to love my family better. I have always struggled with my pride and temper at home, and it was only a few months ago that my mum briefly mentioned to my boyfriend, “she’s (me) changed a

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