Holy Week

#Raise A Hallelujah Campaign

Jesus deserves every Hallelujah!! For He is risen and He is alive!! He is Lord of all! So come join us in the #RaiseAHallelujah campaign today! Shout through every digital window, proclaim on every platform, boom over every zoom, to everyone in the dining or the living room: Hallelujah Jesus is risen!! Christ our Saviour has overcome death! So do not be afraid!! Let us raise our Hallelujahs for fear and death have lost their grip on us!

Project Living: Spiritual Packets

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"Holy Week is a privileged time when we are called to draw near to Jesus: friendship with Him is shown in times of difficulty" - Pope Francis

Holy Week + Easter DIYs

DIY Paschal Candles

Join Sharon and her family as they show you how you can decorate your paschal candle!

Check out the link in bio to get your materials on the template as well as our other Easter egg-tivities! 🥚🐣

Have a blessed Easter everyone! Let us continue to walk in the light of Christ! 🙌🏼🥳


For more on the meaning and significance of the Paschal candle, view the detailed video!

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Try our Palm Sunday DIY!

Try our Easter Sunday Egg-tivity!

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Download the teamplate and make your own Paschal candle!


Holy Week Explained


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Jesus Heals Malchus

Barrabas and Jesus

Procula (Pilate's Wife)


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"This Easter Sunday, I want to claim for all of us the joy and hope of the resurrection in each of our lives. Let the living God move and surprise you as He works all things out for your good. Let the living God make a way for you. Let the living God fulfil His promises in your life. Let the living God be your way, your truth and your life. Let the living God love you today. Jesus, you alone are the King of kings, and we will honour, celebrate and rejoice in You and you alone. Take your place in our hearts always. Amen." - Stephanie Lee

Choreography: Stephanie Lee
Dancers: School of Witness 2020 (SOW2020) Participants
Song: King of Kings by Hillsong Worship
Filmed by: Saint Max Pte Ltd