I Am Blessed, Called, Healed, Whole

by Charmaine Louis I grew up as an independent middle child in a family of five. My mother often reminded me how expensive it was to have me from the weekly injections she needed to take to stabilize the pregnancy, to the emergency c-section. Until I was 8 years old, I would get asthma attacks […]

Jesus is my Liberator

by Joshua Tan (above photo, second-from-right), 26 years old Before entering the School of Witness, I had strong personal encounters with Jesus and was already on the journey of discipleship. Although I experienced a lot of joy in this journey, I also struggled at times with feeling like I wasn’t enough. I had an inner […]

Surrendering My Pain to Jesus

by Vivien Mak (above photo, middle), 19 years old Before coming to the School of Witness, I was contented with life. I didn’t discern about coming to SOW or made any big sacrifices but was pressured by my older brother. So I signed up and told myself if I get in, I get in. Thus, […]

Save Me, Lord!

by Petrina Lew (above photo, left), 26 years old Before coming to SOW, I would only pray, visit the adoration room and attend daily masses if I was praying for something. When problems arose, I would always first attempt to solve them myself. Only as a last resort would I turn to praying, asking God […]

On Forgiveness

by Walter Seow, 27 years old I grew up in a very strict environment. I know that my mom has always loved me unconditionally, but because of her own wounds, that love was often expressed in imperfect ways. She was the typical Asian tiger mom and reigned over every aspect of my life. I recall […]

The Gift of Mercy

By Ryan Paul   “Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful” – Luke 7:36   We are all called to be merciful just as God is merciful to us. The Greek word for mercy is Eleeo; it means to have compassion and patience for those who are suffering. The concern for the physical, emotional, and spiritual […]

Shackled by Sin, Saved by Grace

by Jamie Thea Lin Whenever people talk about sin, it tends to revolve around a fierce God who will punish us for every trespass we commit: Cain was made to walk the earth as a fugitive forever, Lot’s wife got turned into a pillar of salt for looking back on Sodom, and the entire Egypt […]

Redemption: Moving in Faith

by Nicholas Noel Loo Have you ever wished you could begin anew? Have there been choices that you’ve come to regret, or experiences you wish you never have been subject to? How desperately and deeply have you longed for redemption? When I recount the times I’ve fallen short in my friendships and life choices, I […]

Sin and Reconciliation

Written by Aldrin Relador “I don’t know.” Under a dim kitchen light, John stood before his mother, with his eyes fixated on the tips of his feet. Puzzled, his mother, Mary, continued to probe him about the empty cookie jar. The cookies were supposed to be her contribution to the parish potluck tomorrow. “I don’t […]