YALE-NUS College: Ubi Caritas

Ubi Caritas is a small but spirited University Campus Community at Yale-NUS College. It was born out of a desire for shared discipleship and Christian support through the often provoking intellectual environment at the liberal arts school. The brothers and sisters of this community have been constant reminders to one another of God’s grace, providence, love and patience as we meander through these pivotal years of our lives.

Ubi has always been conceived of as a family, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and his Church, and seeking to bring His light and mission onto our campus. Our community meets weekly for formation sessions and cell groups where we read and reflect on Holy Scripture and catch up regularly with each other. We also currently have daily rosary, and weekday mass is just a hop and skip away (Holy Cross) from where we are. Our community also works very closely with NUS CSS who always open their events to us and provide prayers and support in various ways.

To find out more about our community, do drop us an email at ubicaritasync@gmail.com.

Chaplain: Office for Young People
Email us at: ubicaritasync@gmail.com



Testimony & Thanksgiving: His Perfect Love Heals

"God has really given me new eyes, in the way I see myself, and others around me. He has showed me that He will come to me where I am, and will speak to me in ways that I understand – all I need to do is to be still and listen."

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: The Lover of Your Soul Waits For You

"For in my thirst for companionship, in my hunger for real friends, I turned to the people in my unit. My Friday nights were spent at Clarke Quay and Holland Village drinking  (my meagre allowance) away. Soon, however, this meaningless existence of alcohol and materialism could no longer satisfy me, and I began searching for something more."

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: The Joy of Discipleship

"God has already freely given us His love, and He invites us to rejoice in that love."

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: Daughter of the Father

"The Lord offers to walk with us, to calm the storm for us and to straighten the way to fulfilment of our lives."

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