Behind the Scenes at CYD: Administration & Ticketing

I’m involved in taking care of the CYD ticket sales, where orders are processed and packed for collection! My desire to serve stems from my desire to love the Lord and to offer His Church my help in any capacity that I am able. Whether it’s processing ticket orders or allocating service team members, it is a great responsibility knowing that I need to be very meticulous given the magnitude and importance of CYD. Despite that, stress, I feel a great sense of joy knowing that the administrative work I’m doing is for the Lord and His Church. Knowing that the work of my hands contributes to building His kingdom gives me purpose and drive even when it gets challenging. As I look forward to CYD, I pray that it will be a homecoming to the Father and reunion of God’s family for all who will be attending. Regardless of where they’ve been, that they will get to witness, encounter and experience what it means to be an Easter people! My prayer is that CYD will show how the Catholic Church in Singapore is very much alive!!! – Alysha Ang, 21

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