Behind the Scenes at CYD: Faith Sharing & Ticketing

Joseph Fernandez, 23
Faith Sharing, Ticketing

1. Which area are you serving in?
I am handling ticketing and the Faith Sharing exhibition. For the former, I help to pack and issue the tickets. For the latter, I mainly oversee the  development of content for the booth

2. What has the experience been like?
It has been exhausting but also rewarding. I feel very edified whenever I see the ticket purchases increase steadily day by day. And the exhibition has been challenged me in terms of how I share the Faith in such a way that people who are distant or not even from the Church can understand.

3. What are your hopes for CYD and the people attending?
That they encounter God not just in a shallow or superficial way, but in a way that gets them to deepen their relationship with Him. I want people to fall in love with Him!


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