Behind the Scenes at CYD: Intercessory Prayer

Rachel Kenyon, 24
Intercessory Prayer

1. What area are you serving in?
I am coordinating the intercession for CYD!

2. What has the experience been like?
It has been encouraging and refreshing even. There’s something beautiful about people coming together to pray. It has been an absolute privilege to be able to pray for my fellow brothers and sisters. Interceding for CYD has been one of the ways that the Lord has been strengthening my faith in this season of my life.

3. What are your hopes for CYD and the people attending?
That they would recognise the great power of Jesus’s name! In a special way, I’m also hoping that such a gathering of the young people of Singapore will also stir a deeper sense of hope for and in our local Church. 🙂

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