Easter Reflection: He Calls Me To The Better Part

by Gerald Kingsley Thillai Nathan , 21, NYP

For the past few years, Holy Week has been very hectic for me. As an altar server, the only thing that would run through my mind is ensuring that all the preparations are done so mass can run smoothly. The only time when I would able to focus and sit with the Lord was on Maundy Thursday, serving during holy hour while kneeling in front of the Altar of Repose.

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However , this year has been different. The current situation with COVID-19 and mass being suspended meant that I wasn’t able to do what I have been doing for the past few years. I remember entering holy week feeling lost and asking God why this was happening especially when this would be my last year as an altar server as I will be enlisting to National Service soon. So I turned to my friend Francis. He advised me to trust in the Lord and told me to do reflections on the daily readings that week. While I was praying , I was suddenly reminded of the story of Mary and Martha. Martha was doing all the work, serving the Lord while Mary was sitting with Him. I realised that for the past few years, I have been like Martha. I was busy serving the Lord. But this year, the Lord is inviting me to be like Mary and sit with Him. So everyday after mass, I spent time with the Lord by sitting in front of my altar.

In this season, I feel the Lord is inviting me to venture out of my comfort zone. I had grown comfortable with being busy during the previous years’ Lent and Holy Week. But this year, the Lord wants me to draw closer to Him and to focus on His resurrection. He has also given me this opportunity to spend more quality time with my family by attending mass together. He is also inviting me to be more loving and patient with my loved ones. In this Easter season, the Lord has brought me out of the tomb with Him and led me to rejoice with Him through his victory and salvation! I am thankful and blessed for these revelations of truth! Alleluia He is risen! Praise God!

OYP Bulletin: May 2020

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