Holy Saturday: Evening Activity

Virtual Vigil Date

For many of us, the evening before Easter Sunday is time spent waiting in anticipation for Jesus’ triumphant resurrection. Each year, we enter into the sacred liturgy with the Church still in complete darkness, but as the mass unfolds, is once again lit symbolising Jesus’ conquering of death into life. Jesus Christ is risen! This year however, with the suspension of masses, the situation is clearly different, and so this Zoom-date with community and friends symbolizes for each of us, our belonging to the body of Christ, the Church. 

When everyone has logged on, assign one person as the leader for tonight’s vigil date! We hope you have a blessed time praying and sharing with each other this vigil night as we await the Lord’s resurrection!

Opening Prayer
The leader can begin this time of prayer and reflection with a simple opening prayer. 

The leader facilitates a quick round of checking in with everyone. It can be a round of naming of what each person is feeling etc. Be creative! You can use categories such as i.e. weather, animals, vegetables etc. 

Group reading of the “Ancient Homily for Holy Saturday”
Each person will take turns to read a stanza of the Ancient Homily prayerfully. The homily can be found under Annex A

Reflection on the Reading
Enter into a time of silent reflection. These questions can be used to guide your reflection

  • Did anything from the passage strike you? Why? 
  • How does it speak to you?

Group Sharing
The leader facilitates a time of sharing within the group. The sharing can be guided by the following questions

  • What struck you from the ancient homily reading and why? 
  • Did any of the two activities in the morning and afternoon strike you? Why? 

Closing Prayer
The leader will check-out the group by asking them what is one word that they’ve taken away from this activity. Each person should note this word. Share the word on social media, and don’t forget to hashtag #HOmeLYWEEK. Don’t forget to take a zoom photo! Then the leader will end with a closing prayer.

Personal Reflection

From the word that you’ve noted, you may reflect and pray on it at your own time. Here are some guiding questions:

What image, memory, feeling comes to mind from the word? If so, why?


END. The Easter vigil is held to remind us of the call to stay awake, as we pray and wait with hopeful anticipation for the Lord’s coming. Let us wait with our lamps full and brightly lit so that when our master returns, he will find us awake and ready. There, we find ourselves given a place at his table of grace. (cf. Luke 12:35-48).



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