Holy Week : Monday

At first glance, in today’s Gospel, it seems that Judas’s statement that the costly ointment be sold, and the money be given to the poor sounds like a genuine concern for the needy, instead of wasting it to anoint the feet of Jesus. However, upon reflection, it illustrates the hypocrisy of Judas. For he neither cared for the poor or loved Jesus but instead loved money.

When we truly love Jesus with our hearts, no amount of deed is considered too much for him. We love Jesus because He first loved us. As such, we see Mary’s generous act of reverence to Jesus that points to the immeasurable love Jesus had for her through the raising up of Lazarus from the dead.

As we reflect on this on the Monday of Holy Week, do we love Jesus with our hearts because he loves us? Or have our hearts been preoccupied with worldly things that prevents us from truly loving Jesus?

Illustration by Vanna Olsen


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