KICKSTART 2019: My Close Friend and Father

I came into kickstart rather unwillingly, having been urged to sign up by a friend who knew I was a Catholic. I was only a Catholic by name then, having never gone for mass except for Good Fridays and I felt that God was distant and didn’t care about me.

I attended Kickstart like that of the onlookers in the prodigal son, looking at everyone else as they sang and danced during worship, listening only to the sessions but not really taking it to heart. It was during the session about the prodigal son when I spent my time reflecting on the questions. Who did I see myself as in the picture and who did I want to be? Looking at the Blessed Sacrament, I felt myself wanting to be the prodigal son, yearning to know who God was, to experience the love that others said they experienced in their testimonies, I wanted to know, to see if God was real. As I looked at the Blessed Sacrament and thought of all that was told to me during prayer ministry, a warm sensation spread from my chest and I heard a gentle voice speaking to me from my heart “You are loved.” It was then, that I felt my defences were shattered and that God was not some distant being, but a close friend and Father, who loved and cared for me, even if I had never known it.

Coming out from Kickstart, my faith was renewed and I had the desire to know my Father in Heaven more and to fall deeper in love with Him. – Joseph Quah, NTU