Project Living: Good Friday


 I ambled through my neighbourhood, fascinated by the different lighted windows and wondering what conversations people might be having in their living rooms. Previously, I never appreciated the value of solo evening strolls, preferring speed and efficiency anytime (HIIT anyone?). But, two months ago, down with an ankle injury, my normal routine was thrown to a halt. I had a penchant for moving fast, skimming across the surface, prizing only milestones.  Interiorly, I wore that same lens for Jesus. I saw His miracles, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and Resurrection. In my haste, I overlooked His walk to Calvary, till now. 

As I recovered, I found an increasing appreciation for every step taken and uncovered the delight of simple details such as...leaves (!!). In my sprint of life, I chose to run on an expressway with Jesus in the distance. It was quick, and more importantly, in my control. Jesus was prioritised around my time. Reconciling with family/friends can wait till I am ready (to forget). In the meantime, I get tangled in competing with co-workers in the frenzy of proving the worth of our salaries. 

Skimming through life caused me to lose sight of the intensity of Jesus’ love. On many Good Fridays, I have been an observer from afar. The distance filled with feelings of indifference, fear, helplessness, abandonment, anger, emptiness. Like the disciples, I expected a certain glory in following Him. Where was my bonus for my sacrifices? Why would sickness and suffering befall on my loved ones and I? Why is my life moving out of my grasp? My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? 


This season, as the world is grounded rather than taking flight, I am invited to walk and not sprint. In these measured steps, I am examining the radical and immense love of Jesus Christ. It is with steps, and not sprints, that closes the distance between Jesus and I. The length of Calvary, while paved with sin - betrayal and torture, measures the depth and unity of His Love. When I claim Jesus endured all this for me (not just for the world), I find myself walking next to Him to Calvary. His life-giving death anchors my worthiness of such great love, and in His resurrection my salvation is found. 


Lead me to the cross, where your love poured out. 

ACTIVITY: Walking in the Passion

Yup! We know that the current circumstances are not ideal for everyone to go out walking. Be socially responsible if you do so while reflecting! And remember, the journey is never about the physical but spiritual.

“The longest journey is the 18 inches from your head to your heart”

Let’s pray for the grace to be honest and for an inner stillness as we ponder on His final moments. The activity is divided into two parts:

  • Personal Reflection, followed by
  • Group Sharing

Personal Reflection

Stepping into shoes.  In this time of personal reflection, you are invited to put on the shoes of either one of the two characters below (a little child in the crowd, or John the Beloved) as they walk through the Passion with Jesus. Allow yourselves to be fully immersed into the character you have chosen to pray with. 

Option 1
click on image to view

Option 2
click on image to view

Group Sharing

Opening prayer
The leader can begin this time of prayer and reflection with a simple opening prayer. 

Leader facilitates a round of check-in, be creative! You can use emojis/gifs to express how you feel. 

Go around, and share your personal reflections (*see reflection questions from either option) with each other and how Jesus is inviting you on your next step. 

Closing prayer
Leader will check-out the group by asking them what is one word that they’ve taken away from this activity. Each person should note this word. Share the word on social media, and don’t forget to hashtag
#HOmeLYWeek and tag us

Don’t forget to take a zoom photo! The leader will end with a closing prayer.