by Angelica Goh

Astounded, amazed, in awe. These were the emotions I experienced at the end of EXALT’21.

In the preparations leading up to Exalt, I found myself worrying about many things. The worsening COVID situation,  the weather, the planning, and an endless list of many other things. I was also slightly disappointed that we would not be able to show our hospitality as we used to (pre-covid), through warm hugs or big wide smiles (due to needing to wear masks).

However, serving at Exalt reminded me of the unstoppable power of God and helped me to witness His faithfulness yet again. He was there in the good weather during Mass, there in the many eye smiles, and there in the many different moments during Exalt where many came to encounter Him. Looking back, He reminded me that He was very intimately involved in the planning of Exalt and that He was the one who made all of this possible, even when things seemed impossible. He taught me once again to lean on and trust in Him, for He is bigger than any worry or circumstance!

Angelica was part of the Befrienders team that was responsible for welcoming participants and extending their hospitality to them throughout the event. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more testimonies from our service team with you, so stay tuned to our social media platforms for more!


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