Testimony & Thanksgiving: Graduating Polytechnic, ITE and Private Diploma Retreat 2021

Graduating Polytechnic, ITE and Private Diploma students attended a 2 day retreat to wrap up their tertiary journey. We praise God for how He has moved in their lives and we pray that they may hold on to the truths tha the Lord has revealed to them. Read on for their thanksgiving from these 2 days.

Before coming for the retreat, I was struggling with feelings of doubt about the future and whether my relationship with God would falter as I entered a new phase of my life. Although I am uncertain of where I will be in life, one thing I am truly certain of after attending this retreat is God’s never ending love for me. He is a patient and loving God, who is guiding me through life and I just need to put all my trust in him. – Stacey Djuana, Republic Polytechnic

Stacey (first from right on the first row)

I went into the retreat slightly unsure about what I was doing, in a messy state of mind and very distracted and burdened by the different responsibilities, worries and things I was putting my energy into. However, during the retreat and in my own prayer, I was very affirmed by the knowledge and truth revealed to me that the Lord understood all that I was feeling, and has been with me in the midst of all this chaos, carrying me on his back. He desires for me to give Him the key to my heart which I had taken away from Him. Leaving the retreat, I have a renewed love for God and a greater desire to give him authority over and lead me in all the aspects of my life that I previously tried to carry and shoulder on my own. – Anne-Marie Ramachandran, Temasek Polytechnic


Matthea (First from left, second row) & Nicole (first from right, first row) Anne-Marie (first from right, second row)

The Lord has given me peace and allayed my anxiety. How timely it truly is that He has called me in this time to come for the retreat just before I start work and with that I have received many truths. The Lord reminds me that I am his beloved and that I can and will always seek my identity in Him. – Nicole Torno, Nanyang Polytechnic

Coming into the retreat I was quite excited for it to be a closure to my poly journey. During the retreat, I experienced the Lord’s great love and joy during the adoration and prayer ministry. Moving on from this, the Lord continues to call me to not stop trying and surrendering all my fears and to grow in deeper trust and love for Him. – Matthea Yeo, Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Zachary, first from left on the first row

Before coming into this retreat, I felt uncertain about my future after poly life and sometimes lost in my faith journey; but through the sessions and an encounter with God in the blessed sacrament this retreat, I have been reassured of his love for me, my identity in Christ as his beloved son, that Christ is always present in my life as he has been in the past, is now and will be in the future, and how he continues to invite me back into him, to cling on to him in all seasons and to proclaim him as Lord over all areas in my life. – Zachary Quek, Singapore Polytechnic







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