Testimony & Thanksgiving: He Calls Me As His Own

by Luke Ho Yeung Jek (pictured, left)

Before attending RCIY, I had been going to a Protestant church even though I was not yet baptised. I first started going to church sometime after army and before the start of my university course. Being new to the faith then, I was enamoured by Jesus and His unfathomable love for us, how he gave his life up for us and even those who rejected and wounded Him.

However, in the past few years of being in medical school, it was easy for me to be comfortable where I was and I gradually became lukewarm in my faith. I had many priorities and although I knew and believed that God should be at the centre of my life, it was difficult to live as if He is truly my number one priority. Time always seemed limited and I was constantly seeking to accomplish the next thing on my to-do list. I was driven by a fear of mediocrity and feared to be viewed as unsuccessful by society’s yardsticks. I placed my value on my achievements to squash my self-doubt and to be seen as worthy to others. Yet, defining my identity by my successes inadvertently meant my identity was also determined by my failures. It was easy to feel small and to give in to self-rejection when I did not do particularly well in a test, after failing to set an IV plug or feeling incompetent after getting the wrong diagnosis. Hence, I often resorted to spending more and more time to study to remain in control.

Luke receiving the Sacrament of Baptism 

During the RCIY retreat, we contemplated on our experiences in life and how they had made us who we are. During a journal sprint exercise, we were asked to imagine what God would say if he were to introduce us. Among the many things God would say, I heard God say that I was enough, not because of what of I was doing or what I had achieved, but because I am who He says I am and that is enough. He does not love me because I am competent, smart or good-looking – the Lord loves me because I am a child of His and His power is made perfect in my weaknesses. He knows all my weaknesses yet He still loves me. I am secure in his love because I know that He claims me as His own despite my brokenness and especially because of my brokenness. Amidst the voices of self-doubt and insecurity, the soft gentle voice of the Lord tells me not to be anxious about anything, to be strong and courageous as He strengthens me, and to rest in His peace. Surrendering my life to Jesus and ceding control over who I am can seem daunting and is a daily endeavor, but the Lord is good, trustworthy, and never fails me.

Luke receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation

Jesus has called us by name from the very beginning. Each and every day, the Lord speaks to us countless ways through our family, our friends, our mentors and the many people who we come across – if we only take the time to listen and be sensitive to His words. He desires to know us and to proclaim us as His beloved as we contend with own brokenness and self-rejection … My dear brothers and sisters, will you allow Jesus to claim you as His beloved today?

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