Testimony & Thanksgiving: New Hope, New Eyes

by Shaun Choo, 20

Prior to the outreach, I dreaded the mundane prospect of NS. I resented book-ins and at times, felt like the world was against me. I also struggled with my own insecurities and overthinking. Even though I turned to God for help, I felt like nothing was happening. However, through the CAYA outreach, God has given me hope and a new perspective on NS. Though it may be challenging at times, I am reminded of God’s unfailing love for me and how I’m never truly alone in my struggles. God invites me to place Him at the center of my life and surrender my struggles to Him. I’m also reminded of how blessed I am to have my family and friends around me for support as well as the CAYA community that cares and shares in the love I have for Jesus. With this newfound hope and vision, booking in feels much better because I look forward to encountering God throughout my NS journey.



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