Thanksgiving I: Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed has been an incredibly fulfilling process that has introduced me to community. I am reminded by Christ that he works through the people around me. Before coming to Mustard Seed, the idea of community was really foreign to me and it was through Mustard seed that I have had a small glimpse of a community that is really Christ-centred and inflamed with the love of Christ. Through the sessions on Mustard Seed, Lord reminds me that surrender starts small and to keep persevering in my faith.

Colin Toh, SJI

It’s been a really beautiful journey with the seedlings, meeting new people each week yet seeing the same strong flame in them! A JC/IB community is something I really wanted in JC and to see it grow and help so many of them truly feels like a blessing. It’s also a blessing to have encountered God each session through the group sharings, fellowship, input and by being challenged by Him to step out of my comfort zone to serve in ways I haven’t before. I want to claim the truth that faith stirs faith. As I serve and minister to His people, I feel His love and mercy moving in my life as well and the seedlings’ steadfast desire to journey towards God has strengthened my desire to too. 

– Lauren Humphries, Service Team


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