Artwork: He Draws Freedom Out of Fear

by Veronica Wong

Fear held a special place in my journey with Creativity. Fear dominated when big projects like this came up. Fear said: “Maybe I can paint that small wall behind the stairs instead?” Fear even whispered into many of the SOWers’ minds as we stood staring at that big, blank, white wall—are we really good enough for this?

But with faith, we let God our Master Craftsman, use us as His paintbrushes to draw freedom out of fear.

I started out as a blank, white wall. Through my early 20s the wall kept getting messier and dirtier that I had entirely let fear stop me from coming back to God. I stopped going for masses, community, and had even stopped wearing the crucifix around my neck anymore. Christ no longer existed to me.

Then God picked up His Paintbrush and said, “let me make something new out of you.” Through weeks of reformation and healing in the School of Witness 2018, He drew these new lines on my wall and created beauty out of my mess. 

Some flowers remain incomplete, for I will always be His work-in-progress till my race is complete. I pray that this wall may be a message of hope for all young people who seek to encounter the resurrecting power of our God.

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