Artwork: Without God, I am Nothing

I think that I am a person who take failures and criticism very harshly. In recent years though, things have gotten better. A growing relationship with Christ and being rooted in my identity has helped me to be more grounded, as a person, and thus I’ve become less affected by the opinions of this world. […]

Art Reflections: Mary’s Grotto

by Rachel Sim Mother Mary holds a really special place in my heart as my spiritual mother so this picture was drawn as a little gift to her on Mother’s Day!!  As I thought about what I wanted to offer to Mary as a Mother’s Day gift, I was drawn to this Grotto at Church […]

Art Reflections: Life in Christ

by Rachel Sim It has been at this Grotto where I felt an outpouring of the Holy Spirit into my heart, giving me the courage to face certain trials over the last year. Through all these, I was certain it was through the powerful intercession of my Heavenly mother that made all these possible. Her […]

Art Reflections: Confidence in the Lord 

by Amanda Tan Artwork Reflection In the days during Lent leading up to Easter, I found myself comparing my abilities and doubting God’s gifts to me. Many lies told me that my work is not good enough; my reflections of my art pieces were boring. And thus, right after Easter Sunday, I dwelled and allowed […]

Artwork: He Draws Freedom Out of Fear

by Veronica Wong Fear held a special place in my journey with Creativity. Fear dominated when big projects like this came up. Fear said: “Maybe I can paint that small wall behind the stairs instead?” Fear even whispered into many of the SOWers’ minds as we stood staring at that big, blank, white wall—are we […]

Let Go and Let God

by Celeste Seah All of us are prone to sin because of our broken nature. However, Jesus Christ died and resurrected for us to be saved from these sins, these chains that bind and hold us in captive. To be freed from these sins, we are called to surrender totally to the Lord as He […]

God Who Walks With Me

by Benedict Chan In coming to discover God the Father in SOW, I’ve come to view him no longer as a God who directs me to the unknown, but who walks with me. He isn’t pointing me to where he desires me to go but walks with me, picks me up when I fall and […]

He Makes Me Strong

by Stefanie Bates If I had to describe myself as a piece in a chess set, before SOW I always saw myself as a tiny, powerless pawn, a person without power. I was full of fears and anxieties, and I always second-guessed myself. Sometimes I felt like the entire world drowned out my voice. As […]

Bearing Our Crosses

by Shawn Jacob ‘What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?’ Personally, to be a disciple is more than just saying “I love you Jesus”. But rather it is a call to action, that you want to follow Jesus’s ways. During SOW I was given this image of how a disciple of a […]

The Holy Spirit Works in My Thoughts

by John Siew The Holy Spirit is a mysterious person that you need to be open to and aware of to encounter. For me, I find it really hard to see the Holy Spirit working in my life, but when I start to look out of myself, and at the world with open eyes, I […]