Catholic Youth Day 2019 (Part 2): The Heart of Service

By Johannes Tjendro

As our faith grows, God calls us to go out into the world to proclaim his name and invite the rest of God’s children home. It may bring us discomfort, but as we have received freely, we are called to give freely (Matthew 10:8).

22-year-old choir member Sabrina Lee “jumped” at the chance of serving for Catholic Youth Day (CYD) despite the sacrifices involved.

“I have to rush down for practices after my internship on weekdays and sacrifice part of my weekends,” said Sabrina, who is also part of the SMU Fides Community. “But I have been edified with each practice, as I witness my brothers and sisters using their God-given gifts to praise and glorify Him.”

Sabrina (front, 4th from the left) sings with the CYD choir at an evening rehearsal. (Photo: Juliana Aloysius)

What propelled her into service was her “incredibly surreal” experience in CYD 2016, where she praised God alongside 2,000 other young people.

“Regardless of parish or community, we were all there as one body of Christ. I felt like it was impossible to say that I am alone in my walk with Jesus.”

The scale of CYD may seem overwhelming for the nearly 300 young people serving in various service teams – ranging from administration, decoration and stage production, to logistics, F&B, liturgy and intercessory.

Liturgy team member Samuel Tan, 26, said one recent evening: “We walked in the empty field just to get a sense of what it’s gonna be.”

He added that he feels challenged “to rely on God more than on myself and to always trust that his plan is greater”.

Samuel Tan and the CYD liturgy team look at floor plans for the event.

Affirming the work of all the young people involved in CYD, Office for Young People chaplain Fr Jude David said: “Thank you, young people of the Catholic Church in Singapore, who continue to reveal the vibrancy and youthfulness of our ancient church.”

Frank, a NTU Catholic Students’ Apostolate member, practicing for CYD’s Mass which will be celebrated by the Archbishop.
Matthew, Rebekah and Lionel performing CYD’s theme song written by Nicholas Loo.

He added: “The spirit of the Lord continues to summon forth and excite men and women in every generation, including our own. What a privilege it has been to work hand-in-hand with all of you in the mission fields of the Lord.”

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About me: Hey, I’m Johannes, better known as Hans. I’m part of the stage production team in CYD 2019 and a member of the GUR18 community. I write news stories for a living, but the news I truly care about is the Good News.

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