Catholic 200 SG

Dear Young People,

In view of the recent COVID-19 situation in Singapore, EXALT21! is postponed to the 18-19th of September 2021. It is our hope for you, our young people, to be able to experience this first ever 2-day conference in-person* and online with groups of friends and community!

Although the dates have changed, our God remains the same, and our desire to lift high the name of JESUS in these challenging times is stronger than ever. We trust in faith that God will make a way for us to experience the Church that is alive and missionary in real life* this coming September.

Let us unite in prayer and continue to pray for the effective containment of COVID-19 and for all those affected. Stay tuned for more exciting details! Save the new date and spread the word!

*Subject always to the prevailing MCCY guidelines.

200 Stories of Faith

Sharing Jesus in Today’s Culture – “Inculturating”

by Ian Cheng “Do I really need to explicitly proclaim the gospel in the workplace? Isn’t it enough to just be a good colleague or worker?” All of us are immersed in today’s secular culture. Evidently so in the workplace – Topics around Netflix, the latest gossip, stocks often become the conversations in our workplaces. Instead of

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Are We Catholics Out of Convenience Amidst the Hustle Culture?

by Marie Charlene Garcia In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced lifestyle, the hustle culture has become the norm for many in the workplace. The world tells us that this is the standard to objectively measure how ‘fruitful’ we are at work, that we have to be productive/successful in order for us to be ‘useful’ and

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He Fills My Heart

by Keith Chan Hello, my name Keith is and I am 21 this year. I am the youngest with two older sisters. I first entertained the idea of coming to SOW after I had completed my National Service. I was living a compartmentalised life, putting on different masks depending on who I was with. I

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Love Is His Way

by Maximus Tan My name is Maximus. I am 21 this year and I’m currently waiting to start university. I’m a cradle Catholic and come from a family of two children. Being the elder brother, I had to be responsible for myself so that my parents didn’t have to worry about me. I sought to

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Jesus, The Best Gift

by Mark Ng Hi everyone, my name is Mark I am 21 years old this year. My earliest memories of me and my mom were fond ones. I remember eating blackforest cake with her, her coming specifically to my childcare centre to celebrate my birthday, and how I would feel loved and like a king.

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Rooted in Christ alone

by Jonathan Kwok, NUS Business Graduate  Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth – Col 3:2 Hi everyone, I am Jonathan Kwok and I am a year 4 business student. Life before encountering who is the Lord was wild times. To put into perspective of my relationship

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