Peace be With You

by Calvin Tang, 21 years old Before attending the School of Witness (SOW), I was living what I perceived as the high life. I’d just finished a successful 2 years of NS and my years of schooling had also been similarly successful, full of scholarships and accolades. I had secured a place in university and […]

Jesus Saves Me from My Sins

by Christopher Martinus, 22 years old Before coming for School of Witness (SOW), I was very self-centred. Being awkward around large groups of people, I preferred to be alone. Furthermore, I didn’t like trying new things. Somehow, everything worked out and university was decent. I even secured a job beginning this March. I thought life […]

Thy Will Be Done

by Marilyn Choong, 19 years old I come from a family of six, and I’ve been blessed with loving parents who are Christ-centered. As a kid, my parents would sign me up for extracurricular classes like ballet or swimming. I hated going for them, but I went as I thought this was expected of a […]

Deeply Loved by God

by Claudia Tan, 20 years old I grew up in a typical Asian household – my parents were strict, impersonal and top-down for most part. I yearned dearly for their love and affection, to be coddled by hugs and kisses and “I love you-s”, but I hardly ever received them. Even though I am now […]

The Father Carries Me

by Drew Joseph, 21 years old Rigid, demanding and strict. That was how I would describe our faith. I believed that our faith is legalistic because of the many rules we had to follow, and that hindered me from desiring to develop a personal relationship with God. I grew up in a loving Catholic family, […]

What Jesus Reveals, He Heals

by Shawn Jacob (above photo, second-left) Before coming for the School of Witness (SOW), I was active in church – teaching catechism, attending community to serving in camps. However, I struggled to inculcate faith into my daily life, be it at school, home or work. I also found it difficult to entrust certain areas of […]

I Am Precious to God

by Matthew Christee (above photo, middle), 24 years old Growing up, I never felt special or important. My parents quarreled constantly and home never felt like home. Spiritually, I felt I had no gifts. Even though I was active in my parish, I felt like my absence wouldn’t make a difference. I was envious of […]

Jesus Opens My Eyes and Heart

by Marcella Chua (above photo, second-left), 23 years old Before entering the School of Witness (SOW), I was in a really bad space. My anxiety and panic attacks were almost a daily occurrence. My mind spiraled and at times it was painful to be awake. I hated being in that state because it became crippling […]

God is with Me

by Clara Tee, 25 years old Since I was a child I grew up with lots of affirmation. It. Was. Great! But to ensure I was liked by others, I started to change my identity to fit a certain mould. I would take a mental note of admirable qualities I saw in people or in […]

God Delights in Me

by Micaela Arriola, 23 years old Coming into the School of Witness, I felt excited. I had left the church in 2014, and by God’s grace I began my journey home in 2018. Being from a family of five, with two much older brothers, I felt that what “baby Micaela” had to say never held […]