Ordinary Time Growth Series: On Waiting and Growth

by Joanna Chng  Honestly, waiting for someone is difficult. A myriad of emotions seems to plague me when I have to wait. I worry about whether I am at the right place, at the right time. I get anxious when the other party does not reply to my texts – have they forgotten or overslept? […]

Testimony & Thanksgiving: Drink Deeply Live Fully – My Experience of Grace 

by Micaela Arriola Going into the School of Witness(SOW), I was excited. I began my journey of intentional discipleship during my last semester of university last year and was looking forward to spending 2 months immersed in Jesus. I left the church in 2014, and purely by God’s grace, I came home to the Lord […]

Peace be With You

by Calvin Tang, 21 years old Before attending the School of Witness (SOW), I was living what I perceived as the high life. I’d just finished a successful 2 years of NS and my years of schooling had also been similarly successful, full of scholarships and accolades. I had secured a place in university and […]

Jesus Saves Me from My Sins

by Christopher Martinus, 22 years old Before coming for School of Witness (SOW), I was very self-centred. Being awkward around large groups of people, I preferred to be alone. Furthermore, I didn’t like trying new things. Somehow, everything worked out and university was decent. I even secured a job beginning this March. I thought life […]

Thy Will Be Done

by Marilyn Choong, 19 years old I come from a family of six, and I’ve been blessed with loving parents who are Christ-centered. As a kid, my parents would sign me up for extracurricular classes like ballet or swimming. I hated going for them, but I went as I thought this was expected of a […]

Deeply Loved by God

by Claudia Tan, 20 years old I grew up in a typical Asian household – my parents were strict, impersonal and top-down for most part. I yearned dearly for their love and affection, to be coddled by hugs and kisses and “I love you-s”, but I hardly ever received them. Even though I am now […]

The Father Carries Me

Now when I think of our faith, the words that come to mind are: liberation, fullness and love. My brothers and sisters, our faith is a decision we must make each day. Will you take God’s hand to step out of your tomb and live in His light?

What Jesus Reveals, He Heals

by Shawn Jacob (above photo, second-left) Before coming for the School of Witness (SOW), I was active in church – teaching catechism, attending community to serving in camps. However, I struggled to inculcate faith into my daily life, be it at school, home or work. I also found it difficult to entrust certain areas of […]

I Am Precious to God

by Matthew Christee (above photo, middle), 24 years old Growing up, I never felt special or important. My parents quarreled constantly and home never felt like home. Spiritually, I felt I had no gifts. Even though I was active in my parish, I felt like my absence wouldn’t make a difference. I was envious of […]

Jesus Opens My Eyes and Heart

by Marcella Chua (above photo, second-left), 23 years old Before entering the School of Witness (SOW), I was in a really bad space. My anxiety and panic attacks were almost a daily occurrence. My mind spiraled and at times it was painful to be awake. I hated being in that state because it became crippling […]