Testimony & Thanksgiving: GUR

The Graduating Unversity Students’ Retreat (GUR 2020, 3-5 July) attracted the largest number of participants to date (more than 130 of them). The theme of the retreat is “The Lord will guide you always” (Isaiah 58:11). We thank the Lord that despite the fact that all sessions were done online, we were able to attract students from overseas universities to join us as well. We are also grateful to God that we were supported by over 60 working adults from the various OYP communities to lead in intercession, worship, liturgy, AV management and cell group facilitation. We want to thank the service team for putting their entire weekend to support and love their younger brothers and sisters in Christ in this retreat. We also ended the retreat with a mass that includes the family members of all involved. Here are some thanksgivings from our participants.

“I would like to give thanks for His reassuring presence in my life. His gentleness, comfort and shelter He provides after a long day of work. Before GUR I was struggling to bring Christ into my workplace, but after GUR I am reassured that every small yes I say to Him through my actions or choice of words, that I am still allowing Him into my workplace a small step at a time. And now I am encouraged to continue building His kingdom wherever I am in my work, brick by brick.”
– Kimberly Yeo, SIM

“Coming into GUR, I was very anxious about joining the working force, and “adulting”, especially as the role I’m in is a traineeship and isnt permanent. During GUR, God reminded me that he didn’t abandon me or forget me, that he has planned all things for me. That he has called me to this role for a reason, and this role he’s put me in can serve the community, and bring glory to him too. Leaving GUR, I’m excited for the ways I can continue to bring Christ to others through my work, and for what he has in store for me!” – Adeline Ng, NUS

“Prior to joining GUR20, I have been slowly disconnecting with God. I am a Catholic guilty of compartmentalising my faith and of believing and letting God only during my worst times; forgetting that God carries me even in my best times so I soar higher. During GUR20, I was touched by God to come back to him. To simply lay at his feet again, that there is nothing complicated about this. I just needed to want to come back. I prayed for God to grant me the peace, serenity and steadfastness as I progress into a new phase of life. I prayed for God to reveal his Mission to me subsequently and for him to guide me in my daily work. Now that GUR20 has ended, I feel a sense of calm and closeness to God.” – Chloe Tan, SMU

The GUR 2020 Core Team

“Before coming into GUR I was wondering how life after university would look like. How a Christian life in the workplace would look like. At GUR, I received some much needed clarity in how a Christian life would be lived out in the work place. I am inspired and hopeful in what is to come that Jesus will be with me through it all!” – Evan Teoh, NTU

“I am thankful for the time to spend with Jesus a lot more intentionally and for Jesus to make a way for me. I think I have received from Jesus the message to have greater trust and surrender to Him in the period of my life now. I think before GUR there were a lot of fears and worries especially at the workplace, fearing the stress, the loneliness and bosses. But I think during this retreat, i was reminded of the power of community and the truth that Jesus sees me and is truly good to me.” – Aaron Loh, NUS


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