#OYP Turns 9

OYP Turns 9: Fullness of Life

by Bernice Lee Genesis (Working Adults Community)   Fullness of Life. These words represent my past six years in OYP since my first encounter at a JC/IB mass in 2016.

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Thanksgiving: TREASURE#13

“I was blind, now I see.” (John 9:25).At the recent Treasure retreat for young working adults, the Lord moved powerfully in uncovering the spiritual blindness of their hearts. He renewed

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One God, One Spirit, One Truth

Zaneta Tan & George Lim. Watch full video here  Can a Catholic & Protestant be united in faith?  Pains of Disunity George: I was a cradle Catholic, but my faith

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: GUR

The Graduating Unversity Students’ Retreat (GUR 2020, 3-5 July) attracted the largest number of participants to date (more than 130 of them). The theme of the retreat is “The Lord

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Faith Formation

On Suffering and Faith

“But God has chosen the foolish of the world, so that He may confound the wise. And God has chosen the weak of the world, so that He may confound the strong” – 1Cor2:7

This affirms my sense of purpose. God is the one who has placed me in the field of social work to reach out to those who have yet to believe in Him. Through the power of the cross, I can believe once again in the victory in which Jesus has won for me.

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