Jesus is With Me

by Vinnie Lim

I was reminded of His faithfulness to me on this very swing behind the Office for Young People (OYP). It was the very swing I sat on in week 1 of SOW, as I contemplated the existence of Jesus in my life. I came into SOW completely skeptical of Him. In my opinion, He was never with me when I needed Him the most, so how could He say he loves me so deeply. While I was busy doubting His existence and His love for me on the swing behind OYP, I looked across to the opposite seat of the swing, and saw Him sitting opposite me. He too, was enjoying the breeze and the sun with me. It was a nice quiet date, and we both enjoyed each other’s company. I soon snapped out of it, and dismissed it as a foolish daydream. How could Jesus be with me on the swing in this current moment, I thought. He is not one to be with me at any point of my life, let alone on a swing ride. That night during a prayover session, my CGL received an image of Jesus sitting with me on a swing in the garden, and I was His little girl whom He delighted in. That caught me completely off guard. I asked her where she got these images from, and if it was a coincidence that I too had the same image in the evening. With tears in her eyes, she replied that she had only said what the Holy Spirit wanted her to relay to me. That night, I walked away absolutely dumbfounded. It was a struggle for me to believe that Jesus was indeed with me on that swing. After a long while of doubting, I finally choose to claim that this was His way of revealing to me that He has always been with me at every step of my life, only I didn’t realise. That acceptance allowed me to venture into greater self-discovery and healing with Jesus in the further weeks of SOW. It was as if I finally took his hand, and went on an adventure with Christ. I am glad He came to me on that swing behind OYP, to enjoy even the seemingly meaningless moment that day.

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