Jesus Enthroned

by Benedict Chan Jesus Enthroned. My personal prayer time sometimes involves coming into the prayer room where there is Jesus placed in the tabernacle, Enthroned in my presence and I begin to care to sit and listen with him. I do not rush my time nor do I let myself waste my time unless it […]

Jesus is With Me

by Vinnie Lim I was reminded of His faithfulness to me on this very swing behind the Office for Young People (OYP). It was the very swing I sat on in week 1 of SOW, as I contemplated the existence of Jesus in my life. I came into SOW completely skeptical of Him. In my […]

God Watches Over Me

by Christabel Neo During the school, one area I really struggled in was the dance.  Yet I was constantly encouraged by this image (taken in the hall where we practiced!) I am always reminded that the light that peaks through the darkness is God watching over me in my efforts to glorify Him. In my […]

God Works in Beautiful and Unexpected Ways

by Elizabeth Fam The picture I took is of this bright yellow bird in one of the trees in the field. It reminded me of how unexpected God is and the beauty of His creation. When I least expected it, a bright eye-catching bird just rested on one of the benches and I really couldn’t […]

The Perfect Creator

by Marilyn Choong I really love nature and the outdoors, and I really see the presence of God in the beauty of the world He created. I marvel at how He planned every intricate detail so well, and I know that this can only be done by a perfect Creator through His perfect love.   […]

God’s Light Always Shines Through

by Thea Rezel The Lord has been inviting me to step out of my darkness into the light. Even though it may make me uncomfortable and it may take time to adjust, just like how someone steps out of a dark room into light and our eyes take time to readjust, He is patiently waiting […]

O Cross Reign Victorious!

by Calvin Tang The easiest way to fall in love with God is to look at the cross, and think of the great sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary. Often we think of the cross as a symbol of pain and of suffering. But it too represents victory, as Jesus defeated all sin for our sake. […]

Christ the Cornerstone

by Jonathan Mui Every brick in a wall is crucial in maintaining the integrity and stability of the wall. Similarly, we as members of the Church need to build on each other and support one another in our faith. As Christians, all of us play an important role in building God’s kingdom with Christ as […]

Gifts to One Another

by Christopher Martinus A tree’s leaves eventually fall off. Paint chips off. Concrete cracks and breaks apart. Metals rust. Appliances break. In several cases, there is one way to prevent this: preserving. Often this involves not using the object at all, quite contrary to the very reason the object exists. For all that is used, […]

Centered on Truth

by Shawn Jacob During the School of Witness (SOW), the Lord has been really present to me through truths. Reflecting on what the word ‘truth’ even means. To any lay person, truth just means to be accurate or exact, without lies. But in my opinion, I think to a Christian – truth is the absolute […]