God’s Magnificent Love

by Trina Tan

God the Father is love, He is kind, He is compassion, He is mercy. Everyday he looks over that horizon, waiting to see his children emerge from it, because they are on that journey home to Him. God the Father is a techni-coloured sunrise, He is not a sunrise to be defined by a small range of colours, but rather one needing the entire myriad of them, each and every shade coming together to paint a picture of that the magnificent love that He is. Our Father is never cold to us, never will He turn us away because we have strayed too far, never will He bar us from coming home to Him, home to His love. Every morning, His mercies are renewed because of his bountiful love for us, that we can feel so tangibly because it radiates from the sun. Our God is the glorious, psychedelic sunrise, He is the gorgeous, vibrant sunset – He is beginning and the end, He is everything all at once. Our God is mighty, He is magnificent and majestic, but above all, He is mercy and love, and He always invites us to come home to Him.

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