Jesus Accepts and Loves Me

by Stefanie Bates

I came into the School of Witness (SOW) having a lot of fears and anxieties that weighed me down. I was wounded and I felt neglected by God. I thought that I wasn’t important to Him.

During SOW, I often retreated to the Upper Room whenever I wanted some quiet time. When I captured this photo (in the Upper Room) by chance, it dawned on me that my sunglasses represented my blurred and warped vision that was impaired by my emotions.

As I journaled about my encounters with God over the weeks, I started to see things in a new light. Upon examining my old wounds, Jesus showed me where He was in my painful memories and started to heal me. Knowing that He was actually present in those moments comforted me and converted my negative scripts into that of acceptance and love. I realised that Jesus understood whatever feelings I had experienced, and I wasn’t alone anymore. I also realised that the two knotted curtains at the top which represented my fears and wounds, were being lifted away by Jesus.

In fact, I was never alone. I interpret the 3 beams of light that form a triangle (the middle beam over my journal) as that representing God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are alive in me and had been protecting me throughout my life, and I (depicted by my journal) was always surrounded by God and His light.


More artwork and photo-reflections:


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