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SOW 2020

God Revealed Himself to Me

by Maxine Ho, 19 years old I grew up in a family of six kids, with very loving parents. I would say my parents are good Catholics – go for mass daily, help out in communities, and are generous, welcoming people who proclaim God to others. So growing up, they were the example I wanted

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Michael (above, far right)  by Michael Krygsman Prior to Treasure, I often found myself too proud to place God in the centre of my life. I was constantly consumed by the guilt and shame from my sins and I never felt worthy of his love. As a result, the Sacrament of Reconciliation was something foreign

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: His Perfect Love Heals

by Wei Lynn Tan When I heard about SOCL, I was very hesitant to sign up. Would I be able to really make it through a 10 day retreat? It felt like too tall an order for someone who had only recently begun to take her faith life seriously. However, it was by God’s grace

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: Put On Love

by Anselm Yap My two biggest takeaways from SOCL would be the importance of being connected and grounded in a community through prayer and worship as well as the need to live radically for Jesus Christ. I used to think fulfilling the Sunday obligation and going for the occasional weekday mass, equated to having done

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Testimony & Thanksgiving: Because He First Loved Us

by Kimberly Yeo Before SOCL, my spiritual life was dry, and I had been holding onto a lot of past hurts, leading me to be very guarded. I found it hard to trust anyone and struggled to see where God was in my life. During one of the sessions, I suddenly felt a prompting from

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Sin and Reconciliation

Written by Aldrin Relador “I don’t know.” Under a dim kitchen light, John stood before his mother, with his eyes fixated on the tips of his feet. Puzzled, his mother, Mary, continued to probe him about the empty cookie jar. The cookies were supposed to be her contribution to the parish potluck tomorrow. “I don’t

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