Testimony & Thanksgiving: Drink Deeply Live Fully – My Experience of Grace 

by Micaela Arriola Going into the School of Witness(SOW), I was excited. I began my journey of intentional discipleship during my last semester of university last year and was looking forward to spending 2 months immersed in Jesus. I left the church in 2014, and purely by God’s grace, I came home to the Lord […]

God Protects Me

by Anggit Fernanda (above photo, middle), 25 years old I grew up in a family of six. My mum is a stay-home mum and my dad works hard to provide for my family. Growing up I took up the role of the responsible and independent older child because my only older brother lives overseas. I […]

Cradled in the Arms of the Father

by Clara Lim, 31 years old Saved by Jesus 4 years ago, I desired to serve Him faithfully. My post-conversion life was characterised with much responsibilities and busyness; juggling growing work and church commitments, anchoring my family. Being told what to do, how to carry myself, right down to how I smiled, I felt manufactured, […]

No Longer Slave to Fear

by Jonathan Mui, 21 years old I’m from a family of 4 with a younger brother and I’d just completed my national service. I grew up in a typical Asian family with meritocratic parents who wanted my brother and I to do well in school. My parents would often compare me with other kids in […]

Thy Will Be Done

by Marilyn Choong, 19 years old I come from a family of six, and I’ve been blessed with loving parents who are Christ-centered. As a kid, my parents would sign me up for extracurricular classes like ballet or swimming. I hated going for them, but I went as I thought this was expected of a […]

Out of Darkness and into His Light

by Trina Tan, 19 years old I am a cradle catholic and I used to love prayer, catechism and going for mass. But over time, I began to distance myself from God. Growing up, the amalgamation of subtle comparisons made by my mother that my brother was better than me,  made me believe that I […]

From a Heart of Stone to a Heart of Flesh

by Andrea Chong, 19 years old Like many teenage girls, I face insecurities about my looks and my body. To make things worse, I belong to a naturally skinny family who jokingly point out from time to time that I’m the “meatiest” in the family. I also started to use Instagram since I was 11 […]

Jesus Had Never Left Me

by Stefanie Bates (above image, second-from-right) If I were to describe my past, the words I would use includes condemned, shunned, alone, afraid, humiliated, hurt and shamed. In primary school, a group of girls in my class used to pull my hair and laugh at me. They told me I was really ugly, and that […]

God is Never Late

by Christabel Neo (above photo, left), 26 years old Since encountering Christ three years ago, there has been ups and downs in my faith journey. I constantly strive to be a good catholic, and desired to love as how God loves me. Yet in the striving, I was quickly worn out. Coming to fall in […]

Jesus is my Liberator

by Joshua Tan (above photo, second-from-right), 26 years old Before entering the School of Witness, I had strong personal encounters with Jesus and was already on the journey of discipleship. Although I experienced a lot of joy in this journey, I also struggled at times with feeling like I wasn’t enough. I had an inner […]