The Lord Heals Me

by Elizabeth Fam

I’m thankful that the Lord has managed to surface to me the hurts that I have kept hidden for so long. I often chose many coping mechanisms to hide them away and these have many a times manifested into the way I act today. Some memories which surfaced were from very long ago and I didn’t even know existed. When the Lord brought them up, I somewhat understood the reason why I acted in a certain way, or why I had a specific mindset. For instance, my self reliance and pride. The whole process was very cathartic and it was very comforting to know how the Lord has been really working within my life and how the healing process has started. Now, rather than being completely reliant on my own abilities, I choose to turn to God instead. I believe that the process of forgiveness has begun and I now look forward to mending my views on those who hurt me.


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