Bearing Our Crosses

by Shawn Jacob

‘What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?’

Personally, to be a disciple is more than just saying “I love you Jesus”. But rather it is a call to action, that you want to follow Jesus’s ways. During SOW I was given this image of how a disciple of a kungfu master follows the master wherever he goes. Eats what he eats, do what he does. The disciple mimics his master to the best of his ability. I think likewise that’s what we are called to be. To be in close relation to Jesus. To bear our crosses as we follow him.

The colour scheme in the background is orange/reddish. This signifies the burning and difficulties that we are going though in the midst of bearing our crosses. But the red eventually fades and it turns into a slow gentle blue. And that’s the peace and tranquility that one can have despite being in the midst of hardship. That while bearing our crosses we are able to look at Jesus who paid the ultimate price for us. That we do not rely solely on our strength but instead the strength of our lord. Lastly grey, to signify that all things are temporal, yes even our struggles. It meant to serve as a reminder to persevere and have the humility to recognise that the only thing eternal is God. Amen.

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