Centered on Truth

by Shawn Jacob

During the School of Witness (SOW), the Lord has been really present to me through truths. Reflecting on what the word ‘truth’ even means. To any lay person, truth just means to be accurate or exact, without lies. But in my opinion, I think to a Christian – truth is the absolute fact or the absolute word- which is God . I think that’s why a truth, though the same wording, can be applied to every stage of your life and it has profound meaning.

Personally, to be able to claim a truth especially in the times of doubt is an act of putting God back in the centre of my life. An act of surrender, and the active choice that I allow God to be the author of my life. Not by what the world tells me but that I allow God be the one to write my story. That my identity and purpose lies in Him alone. Amen.


More artwork and photo-reflections:

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