School of Witness (SOW)

The School of Witness is an 8-week live-in discipleship school, that aims to provide an environment of faith in which young people can be encouraged and challenged to go deeper with Jesus, to grow in the awareness of who God is and who they are. Read on for more!


Full Participant Testimonies

Jesus My Renewer, My Healer

by Paul Joseph Hi everyone, I’m Paul and I’ll be sharing with you here how Jesus has transformed my life. I am 26 years old this year and am a cradle Catholic with two younger sisters and a family that is very loving, but not active in faith. Before coming into SOW, I had already

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Joy in the Lord

by Jude D’Cruz Hi, I am Jude and I will be 23 this year. I was serving my full time National Service prior to SOW. I am a cradle Catholic and I am the youngest of four children. Growing up, my parents constantly hammered the importance of studying into me and my siblings as y

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In Christ I Lose Nothing But Gain Everything

by Nicholas Wong Hi! I’m Nicholas. I am 26 years old and recently graduated from University. I come from a family of five, and we are quite religious. Being a cradle Catholic; I attended Catechism class, joined Catholic communities, and served in multiple retreats and outreaches. However, despite all these, I was only just a

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Christ, Who Strengthens Me

by Lauren Humphries My name is Lauren and I am 19 years old this year. Growing up in a Christ-centred family and being active in church even after Confirmation, I’ve always thought that my relationship with God was pretty okay. I knew I wasn’t as convicted in Him as I wanted to be, but I

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His Love Waits for You

by Mary Koh Before coming into School of Witness (SOW), I was also entering a transition phase in my life as I was leaving my first job. For the first time in my life, I had no idea what was next and my life felt like the part of a rollercoaster where it was in

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We Are Children of the Light

by Michelle Narciso My name is Nathania Michelle but everyone calls me Michelle and I will be 22 this year. I am a cradle Catholic and grew up in a family of four. Before coming to School of Witness, I struggled a lot with negative self-image and anxiety. Growing up, I was always compared to

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Original Artwork by SOW'21 Participants


by Lim Zhen Ting He reached out to me In my darkness He returned to me The spark Of my life; I see the miracle of my conception in the past Of joy; I perceive and receive authentic love today Of electricity; I look forward to the lit future ahead Even though My life is

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The Good Shepherd

by Ryan Guai Before SOW, I felt like the lost sheep, out in the wilderness and separated from my Creator. Although I felt anxious to return to Him, I felt unworthy and unwelcome, and was held back by my comfort with going for Mass. However a part of me longed to be reunited with God.

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God Saves

by Rayshawn Patrick My art piece is Jesus holding baby me. I drew this because this describes my journey in SOW. Jesus see me as a baby boy and hold me close to Him even in the ups and downs in life, He calls me his beloved, He calls me his precious child. Nothing i

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Source of Grace and Love

by Paul Ng Behold, the sacred heart of Jesus, the source of all love, grace and compassion. This heart bore all the ridicule and insults of the world so that we may live and live life to the full. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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by Paul Joseph The word that sums up my SOW testimony would be restoration. The idea to paint a cracked vase came to mind where there were many cracks and imperfections and a full vase of water. This water represents the newness of life in Christ, that doesn’t leak or flow because He has restored

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God’s Love Reigns

by Nigel Chowdhurie My art piece today reveals the simple but complex reality of my life in all of its mess, struggles and insecurities. You Lord, have claimed me and set me apart as your Holy and loved one. You reveal to me that I am loved and seen; that your divine love would dare

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Past Year's Thanksgiving Videos

SOW 2020: Drink Deeply, Live Fully

SOW 2017: Never Been A Moment

SOW 2015: Testimonies & Thanksgiving

"Those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life." - John 4:14
SOW 2020: e.vangelisation Project
We are proud to share the fruits of our first ever virtual outreach! Explore below for a collection of original artwork, photo reflections, testimonies, and video art from the participants of the School of Witness 2020!

Original Artwork

Photo Reflections

Preaching Infographics


Thanksgiving | ANEW 2021

We praise God for being present to our Polytechnic, ITE and Private Diploma students who gathered on the 19th of May for ANEW! We thank the Lord for allowing us to have the courage to face our brokenness and the reminder that although it is a long journey ahead- He will always be there walking

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God Protects Me

by Anggit Fernanda (above photo, middle), 25 years old I grew up in a family of six. My mum is a stay-home mum and my dad works hard to provide for my family. Growing up I took up the role of the responsible and independent older child because my only older brother lives overseas. I

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Peace be With You

by Calvin Tang, 21 years old Before attending the School of Witness (SOW), I was living what I perceived as the high life. I’d just finished a successful 2 years of NS and my years of schooling had also been similarly successful, full of scholarships and accolades. I had secured a place in university and

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Cradled in the Arms of the Father

by Clara Lim, 31 years old Saved by Jesus 4 years ago, I desired to serve Him faithfully. My post-conversion life was characterised with much responsibilities and busyness; juggling growing work and church commitments, anchoring my family. Being told what to do, how to carry myself, right down to how I smiled, I felt manufactured,

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Jesus Saves Me from My Sins

by Christopher Martinus, 22 years old Before coming for School of Witness (SOW), I was very self-centred. Being awkward around large groups of people, I preferred to be alone. Furthermore, I didn’t like trying new things. Somehow, everything worked out and university was decent. I even secured a job beginning this March. I thought life

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No Longer Slave to Fear

by Jonathan Mui, 21 years old I’m from a family of 4 with a younger brother and I’d just completed my national service. I grew up in a typical Asian family with meritocratic parents who wanted my brother and I to do well in school. My parents would often compare me with other kids in

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On Kingdom Friendships

“I can be bold in sharing about Christ with the people around me and I can carry them to Jesus… If I’m looking for kingdom friends, I can be the one to develop myself and become a kingdom friend to others.” Watch this video to learn what it means to be a kingdom friend and

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Let the Light In

Reflection and illustration by Joelle Tan Sometimes, we feel like we are broken beyond repair. We live in our darkness, sin and shame. We focus so much on our brokenness that we forget that the darkness is not our identity. John 1:5 says, “The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome

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Stepping Back Into God’s Love⁣

Clay work and reflection by Carolyn Lau ⁣ I used to see myself as someone who was pretty grounded in life. I had principles and values that I kept to, went for mass regularly and tried my best to live a life that I thought was pleasing to God. Despite all of this, I still

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Words written and spoken by Clara Lim A beautiful spoken word reflection about the journey to discovering, and believing in one’s chosenness as a child of God. We pray that as you watch this, you too will begin to re-discover your preciousness as an irreplaceable child of God! I have long been cast at the

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True Story

by Joshua Tan I love a good story. At bedtime, we huddled around as my mother weaved tales. I was mesmerized. I was the knight, the spy, the wizard. I was slaying the dragon, saving the world, protecting the weak. I liked imagining my life as a story. I was a hero on adventure, each

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The Lord my Promise-Keeper by

Drawing by Marcella Chua, music composed by Christopher Martinus “You who hold the stars— Who calls them each by name— Will surely keep Your promise to me That I will rise in Your victory.” (Take Courage – Bethel) As a person who loves astronomy, a night sky of stars never fails to elicit a deep

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